Learn RPGs Judgement-Free!

Always wanted to play an RPG but didn’t want to ask? BeholdHer Gaming provides a safe place for anyone to learn how to play Tabletop RPGs – or how to run them! Join in on one of our games or check out the action on Twitch. Don’t forget to join us on discord as we grow this community and provide a safe place to ask questions and have fun!

What is BeholdHer Gaming?

BeholdHer Gaming is an LLC focused on those who have felt marginalized and treated differently by the majority of the tabletop gaming community, or have felt intimidated by tabletop gaming itself. Its purpose is to provide a safe, community-based environment to enable and empower those interested in learning Tabletop RPGs to play (or GM), but have not always been treated with the patience, kindness, and respect they deserve. I also want to take a focused look at women and getting them more involved in the gaming community. I understand that everyone learns differently, and at different paces. My goal is to provide resources over a multitude of platforms (podcasts, videos, forums, Discord…etc.) that will educate and equip inexperienced gamers with new skills and confidence. As our community learns and grows, so do we. Help me gather feedback and teach me what works and what doesn’t. There is no room in gaming for prejudice and bullying. Let’s work together to abolish it.

Game Schedule

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